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Chorizo Crumble


Great for adding flavour to any dish, especially salads or bakes. Give your imagination free rein! Thaw the frozen, sealed packet in hot water, heat or fry in a little oil.

All HERBI VŌHR products have been created to ‘veganise’ almost any of the dishes you enjoyed before going plant-based. All our products are precooked and only need heating through, and they can be adapted to suit any dish.

Weight 250 g

Vegetable protein, (wheat gluten), soy, onion, garlic, salt, chickpeas, beetroot, tomato, liquid smoke, oil and spices


Wheat (gluten), soy

Nutritional facts (per 100g)

Energy (KJ): 845.76, Fat: 9.17, Saturated: 1.25, Carbohydrates: 6.17, Sugars: 2.08, Protein: 26.70, Sodium: 167.40


Fry to crisp or add a little liquid to soften if needed. There are many ways to use them – let your imagination run wild!