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Chicken Mince


Very similar in texture to that of non-vegan mince. Mildly spiced, it can be used to ‘veganise’ any traditional recipe. Thaw the frozen, sealed packet in hot water, crumble and fry on medium heat in a little oil. Use as you would use traditional mince.

All HERBI VŌHR products have been created to ‘veganise’ almost any of the dishes you enjoyed before going plant-based. All our products are precooked and only need heating through, and they can be adapted to suit any dish.

Weight 250 g

Wheat protein (gluten), nutritional yeast, soy, sunflower oil, peanuts,
tomato, herbs, spices, sugar, sea salt


Wheat (gluten), soy

Nutritional facts (per 100g)

Energy (KJ): 768.85, Fat: 4.54, Saturated: 0.58, Carbohydrates: 6.57, Sugars: 0.35, Protein: 28.40, Sodium: 68.31


Fry for a few minutes and season to your taste. Add liquid or sauce to achieve the desired consistency.